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...the comic

Fish out of Water is a webcomic intended for teen-and-up audiences. It currently updates with multiple pages per batch on a schedule of "whenever". You can read one full scene ahead on my Patreon!

This is an original story based on a previous webcomic I did way back in 2006 when I was a few years younger than the characters! Their names, physical appearances, and personalities are mostly the same, but it's otherwise a complete revamp.

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...the author

I'm Lorian Merriman (they/them) and I've been doing webcomics from here in the fiery pits of Texas for a ridiculously long time! I'm also currently on a tradpub journey with HHBYR (Macmillan). My debut graphic novel, Maelstrom: A Prince of Evil, about a bored evil prince who teams up with his archnemesis for amusement/jokes/japes/did we just become best friends????, comes out May 28th 2024!